Leverage our support to
generate new investment ideas
and maintain existing coverage...

...find and validate new business opportunities

...perform business valuation

...ramp up or down
research activities in
least possible time

...save upto 75% of
research cost.

Investment Banks

We can support investment banks to source more deals, increase win rates and speed up profitable growth through a wide range of our support activities that increase their bandwidth, client-facing time and capacity to expand into new areas.

Our services for investment banks include:

Brokerage Houses

Brokerage houses can utilise our services to reduce their research cost and increase their bandwidth as we are able to take on 50 – 90% of their initiation coverage and maintenance-related process. With our support, in-house research teams can spend more time with their clients, generate additional new ideas and expand coverage at a faster pace than their peer group.

Our services for brokerage houses include: